Energy Drinks Japan: Day 17

Roots aroma Black…ssdd…not Sweet roast,” but cold and black…yummy!!


Here we go! Another yunker!  Tastes like melted rock candy and lasts long time. Not an overpowering jitter-fest, but I did go on a 4 hour bike ride.

Finally found the Black Boss shirt I was looking for!!

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 13

Eww…too sweet coffee.

The Japanese are not all pacifists…especially when making war on sleepiness. Tastes like Red Bull…feels weaker. Then again, it was 80 cents in a vending machine.

Yumm more cold coffee!

Eew too much cream!

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 11

So I had to try it. 

“Special jelly drink” with carbs equal to “one rice ball,” plus stun chems. It was fucking gross!

Like chilled sweet cum globs with lumps of boogers. I almost wretched it right back up. Still…it did fill me and fuel me. I could prolly live on these alone, but it would be a putrid and nasty existence. I stuck to Black Boss (I had 5) for the rest of the day.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 10

Just for variety…


…it was about what you’d expect: sweet, creamy with a slight chalkiness. Needs a…

How the fuck Tully’s became ubiquitous in Japan is beyond me. Still yummy cold black drum. Made me crap.

The trick, we heard is to buy energy drinks at the pharmacy, so whatever this is, its going down the hatch. Tastes like a orangey sweet vitamin pill, like ground up Flinstones vitamins. I thought it was so so, so I added a small coffee can…

“Boss is the Boss of them all,” signed, “Boss.” Just like the other but with milk and sugar.