Auma ‘From Shadows’ is released


Better late than never. Auma’s premier CD ‘From Shadows’ is officially released. Recorded by the band in the San Francisco studio, it was mixed and mastered by Okazaki of Eternal Elysium at Studio Zen in Nagoya, Japan, and features an original illustration on the cover by San Francisco’s renowned tattoo artist, Henry Lewis of Skull & Sword.

What does it sound like? It sounds like 37 minutes of original, raw and brutal riffage, echoing around in the cranium of one of Japan’s psychedelic rocksmiths. Edgy, unapologetic heavy metal riffs that resonate just as well in the pit, reveal the band’s punk and hardcore roots, and the blend of speedy grooves and stony, droning doom, is a combination that fits in just as well in the Bay Area with its punk rock and psychedelic pedigree, as it does in Japan, where the heavy sounds of Boris, Church of Misery, and the like still thrive in the underground rock clubs of cities like Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya.


Energy Drinks Japan: Day 5

 Little can looked neat. Creamy sweet coffee. A child could enjoy this.

Yet another cold black coffee can. Mmmm.

 I thought it looked good cuz it said “super,” but….it was weak.  Flat and very mild flavor I could tell right away that it was not going to get me through the Nagoya show. Ume explained that it’s to prevent hangovers..,so it still came in handy. Ume then walked me back to Circle K and pointed out….

   …it was like $10. Holy shit!!! It was brown and smelled like molasses. It tasted like malty beer extract with a distinct undertone of unidentifiable chemicals. My face started sweating immediately.  I then talked, rocked, drank, farted, spazzed, and generally tweaked out all night. Truly an excellent energy drink.  I shall be having more of the Yunker brand.