Energy Drinks Japan: Day 11

So I had to try it. 

“Special jelly drink” with carbs equal to “one rice ball,” plus stun chems. It was fucking gross!

Like chilled sweet cum globs with lumps of boogers. I almost wretched it right back up. Still…it did fill me and fuel me. I could prolly live on these alone, but it would be a putrid and nasty existence. I stuck to Black Boss (I had 5) for the rest of the day.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 10

Just for variety…


…it was about what you’d expect: sweet, creamy with a slight chalkiness. Needs a…

How the fuck Tully’s became ubiquitous in Japan is beyond me. Still yummy cold black drum. Made me crap.

The trick, we heard is to buy energy drinks at the pharmacy, so whatever this is, its going down the hatch. Tastes like a orangey sweet vitamin pill, like ground up Flinstones vitamins. I thought it was so so, so I added a small coffee can…

“Boss is the Boss of them all,” signed, “Boss.” Just like the other but with milk and sugar.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 9

First of all…I guess not all Yunkers are for partying. This one turned out to be a cold remedy that could potentially make me drowsy. FUCK THAT! Thanks to Eriko for saving me from my Yunker obsession. This remains in the box.


Breakfast cold coffee with a moustache, “Maxim Triplesso,” seemed like a sure fire hit, but was milky, sweet and weak. Neither maximum or triple or espresso….meh.

Hyper Liver! Looks perfect for my situation touring Japan.  Tastes like a strawberry smoothie. Please work!

This little fucker…I forgot to photo it proper…Josey and I split it and it was potent. I guess it had like turtle  shell, antlers, scorpion, snake and other boner inducing ingredients along with a shitload of uppers.  We’ll never know since we split it and then I had….

…another Yunker product.  Sweet like strawberries it was surprisingly not disgusting tasting.  It is, however, weaker than the other Fine products in the brand line…which was reflected in its more economical pricing.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 8

Another Japanese Coke product black coffee. I’m not sure what makes this one “European,” cuz it tastes like all the other cold canned coffees…not too bad.

After my morning coffee, I wanted to feel “Fine,” and Google Translate said this has “Quasi-drugs,” whatever the fuck that means…sounds good to me. Smells like cherry candy and tastes like a Jolly Rancher. Considering that I partied like a muthetfucker last night and ate beef tongue…I actually feel pretty fine. Weak…but nice.


Yunker C, another fine product in the Yunker line of e-drinks. Sweet and flat with a burn like sneezing soda up your nose. Super vitaminy, I feel pretty nice. I may need to invest in the Yunker company, it’s a winner.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 7

….and it worked. I woke up and slammed this thing….

It was flavored like molasses, again, and had that underflavor of vitamin pill.  Next thing I new I was jamming through medieval castles and zen gardens on 3 hrs sleep…sweating my ass off.  Pretty good one, I’d say.

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 6

The “feel” tasted like blueberry syrup and is basically B vitamins. I’m starting to flush and I feel pretty good. Not a big deal, though. I’ll add…

…Black Wonda. Yet another yummy cold black coffee drink.  Now I’m ready to get in a van for 3 1/2 hrs…. Wait why did I do that? My face is prickly and flush. Time for more Japan!!!

The world’ most insane coffee machine. It shows you a video of the inside of the robot making you coffee.  A robotic hand even screws on the lid. Wow!

Coffee tablet… Need I say more?

Three types of Black Black, stimulant gum…including Black Black HARD. The gum was so loaded with stim chems it felt like it burned the skin out of my mouth.


Another Yunker, slightly cheaper than  last night’s Cadillac high, with a totally different flavor… Like a crushed vitamin pill soaked in lemon juice. Heavy gensing vibe with some weird fungal undertones. It did make me have  to hang a duke almost immediately and I just jumped back at a shadow. I think I’m in for a good ride here.  Washed it down with…

…more cold coffee from Mt Ranier brand. This one’s for Big Dave and Mike G.

Later, at the 3am after party, I downed this little dandy….it promised to prevent my next day’s hangover…..

Energy Drinks Japan: Day 5

Little can looked neat. Creamy sweet coffee. A child could enjoy this.

Yet another cold black coffee can. Mmmm.

I thought it looked good cuz it said “super,” but….it was weak.  Flat and very mild flavor I could tell right away that it was not going to get me through the Nagoya show. Ume explained that it’s to prevent hangovers..,so it still came in handy. Ume then walked me back to Circle K and pointed out….


…it was like $10. Holy shit!!! It was brown and smelled like molasses. It tasted like malty beer extract with a distinct undertone of unidentifiable chemicals. My face started sweating immediately.  I then talked, rocked, drank, farted, spazzed, and generally tweaked out all night. Truly an excellent energy drink.  I shall be having more of the Yunker brand.