End-of-tour photo

Auma group photo, June 2014

Auma is a band from San Francisco, California, comprised of two Japanese nationals, on lead guitars and vocals, and a pair of California locals rounding out the bass and drum rhythm unit.

  • Umeguitar, lead vocals (Eternal Elysium, Dead Claw)
  • Ryoguitar, lead vocals (Vomica, Nanashi / ナナシ)
  • Adambass, vocals (Solid Dollar, Dopesick, Comatoast, The Pomeranians)
  • Ryandrums, vocals (Sistersound, Foreign Telegram, Human Thurma, Action Patrol)



The name Auma is derived from the Japanese kanji 逢魔, pronounced “OH-ma”. It translates roughly to “the witching hour”, but more accurately to the time just after sunset, when the sky is still red from the setting sun.

panels displaying Sekien Omagatoki legend

In Japanese legend dating back hundreds of years, it is believed that this interim between day and night is the time when wickedness and disaster may flourish.

Photo of the band taking five between rehearsal and recording